7 de agosto de 2010


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Social Network Marketing – A Beginner’s Guide

Social Networking is changing the face of online marketing. If used correctly, social network marketing can:

•Improve your professional image
•Find new customers
•Learn more about your customer’s needs
•Provide better customer service
•Teach you more about your profession and how you can improve your service
So what are the social networking marketing basics?

Be Social!
Social network marketing is easier than you think. Don’t worry about which social network is the latest and greatest. Whichever networks you choose to engage with, be social.

How can marketing be social?
Internet users don’t want to be talked to. They want to be talked with. If you shove marketing language down their throats, they will shut you out of their world. Show your human side. Talk to people online like you would talk to them in your store. Give them professional advice in a friendly way. Talk about life on occasion. Be a real person. Internet users are more likely to do business with you if you have a personal connection with them.

Which networks should I join?
It depends. The general rule of thumb is choose 2-3 networks and focus on them. In general, Twitter, Facebook, and one other network related to your profession is a good way to go. It is better to be active in a few networks than inactive in many.

Sayenko Design actively uses Twitter, Facebook, and the Graphic Design Network.

I want to give Social Networking a chance, but I’m intimidated.
Don’t worry – the more you participate in social networks, the more comfortable you’ll become. Communities are generally very welcoming to new members and will be happy to have you there!

If you have any questions about social networking for business, feel free to send us a message. We are always excited to help businesses reach their potential through social networking!

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Social Network Marketing is an strategy that allows to improve the professional image of a company or a person, it can also help to find new customers, learn more about the customer’s needs and provide better customer service .



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